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Spa di 5 stelle con Thalasso in Villa Rolandi

Designed with special care for our clients with the tropical colors of the sand and sea fo the Caribbean we have created a center of Thalasso in memory of the Old culture and European philosophy where the body is taken care of with great delicacy.

Discovering the Thalasso
The Thalasso therapy is based on the beneficial action of the marine climate and baths of the sea; they can be used in order to resolve various types of diseases.

The practical Thalasso therapy structures are placed on the edge of the sea, taking advantage of various members of the marine atmosphere such as the water of the sea, sand algae and mud.

Therapy can include external applications like mud baths, algae baths, marine water baths, showers, footbaths and walks in bath tubs; there also techniques that allow an exercise or massage to take place in the water.

The origins
Like the best ancient remedies, Thalasso therapy is the marine treatment that has ancient techniques: Egyptians, Greeks and Romans took advantage of the properties in the sea water to prevent and cure.

By the end of the eighteenth century the scientific value of these treatments came uncovered and only in the last thirty years centers have been equipped to elaborate such techniques.