5 Star Spa & Thalasso Spa at Hotel Villa Rolandi

A Isla Mujeres Cancun tastefully appointed SPA & Thalasso specialized in Thalassotherapy featuring 10 wet and dry treatment rooms for massages, facials and body treatments; including state-of-the-art Vichy Shower, Shower Jet & Balneotherapy Rooms; Sauna & Steam Rooms; plus a large outdoor jet pool with heated natural seawater for both relaxation and hydrotherapy.

Spa Facilities & Treatments in Isla Mujeres

Our Thalasso Spa welcomes you to a world of beauty, serenity and relaxation in its privileged beach front location at Villa Rolandi Isla Mujeres. Our full service SPA offers specialty Thalassotherapy Treatments with Sea Algae, Salts and Mud focused on wellness and detox; soothing natural Aromatherapy oils in several Massages and Therapies; and top-notch Anti-Aging and Medical Spa Treatments that will dramatically help turn back the clock through science and advanced non-invasive treatments.

From the moment one enters the Spa at Villa Rolandi, a whole new world of wellness and pampering springs to life. All of our Thalasso Spa Therapies use natural products that enhance the experience. The unique setting of this Thalasso Spa at the luxurious Hotel Villa Rolandi adds to the remote and exclusive sense of the island, creating the ideal atmosphere for a pampering spa therapy.

Every spa therapy offered in Villa Rolandi Thalasso Spa is a journey into your soul. Enjoy the relaxing moments of our Thalasso therapies and Aromatherapies and make your stay in Isla Mujeres, the most relaxing experience ever.

Featuring one of the few heat-regulated natural-seawater pools in Mexico, our Thalassotherapy jet pool at Villa Rolandi makes use of the natural healing properties of warmed seawater and entices guests to relax by themselves or in the hands of highly trained therapists.

About Thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy incorporates the use of comfortably warm seawater with its living organisms to reload the body with minerals and trace elements which are absorbed through the skin by a process of osmosis. A Thalassotherapy center - "Thalasso" - comes from the Greek word which means ocean, and "therapy", to cure - features these indispensable elements: natural salt water which is taken at a certain depth from the bottom of the ocean and its main marine elements such as seaweed, thermal clay, plankton and phytoplankton.